Military Rate : PME

Military Early Saver

A special rate for millitary passengers. Please read below for qualifications.


One member of this cabin must be:
  • Active Member of:
    • US Army
    • US Navy
    • US Air Force
    • US Marines
    • US Coast Guard
    • US National Guard
    • US Reserves
    • Uniformed members of the USPHS (U.S. Public Health Services)
    • Canadian National Defense
  • Reitred from any division listed above.
  • Veterans with an Honorable Discharge serving a minimum 2 years, or 6-months in an active war zone, in any of the US service divisions listed above.
  • Military member can book only one stateroom at this rate and must sail in that stateroom.
  • Proof of status will be required.
  • Failure to provide proof of status will result in reservation being re-priced.